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I’m gonna try drawing comics for this blog. I don’t know whether i should or not , so i’m gonna let u decide. Heres one of my drawings I drew :

Stickman on Computer                                Stickman on Bench

Stickman Walking

I hope you will like them. Tell me if u like them or not on a comment.

I drew them on paint in my computer.

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The Excuse

Here are some excuses for you to try out for entertainment.

Excuse 1#:

Person2 : Do you know how my friend died?

Person1 : Umm No thanks

Person2 : Someone shot him!

Person1 : err okay

Person2 : The bullet went through her…

Person1 : Sorry I gotta go

Person2 : where?

Person1 : To the bathroom

Person2 : Nah you can wait

Person1 : Seriously

Person2 : As I was saying…

Person1 : I really need to go!

Person2 : The bullet went through his…

Person1 : Aah.. Nevermind…

Person2 : You didn’t…

Person1 : As you were saying?

Person2 : *almost pukes and runs*


I don’t have any!

You can share yours on a comment! 🙂

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The talk

How to Annoy an Annoying Person

Okay lets just start with the basics. If an annoying person comes to and annoys you just think of a way to annoy him/her to show what you feel like…

Here’s an example:

Annoying Person : Hey bro! Long time now see?

Person : ???

Annoying Person : Want to come to my house?

Person : ???

Annoying Person : come on it’s just a few miles from here.. Maybe three.

Person : Are you crazy I don’t know who you are and why are you wearing my hat?

Annoying Person : What?

Person : You see those trees?

Annoying Person : Yeah..

Person : Well can you climb up there?

Annoying Person : No

Person : Common don’t be shy just do it…

Annoying Person : no I’m not I’m leaving! *shakes head*

Person : *grins*

Well that maybe you can do that way or you can just repeat again the climb up the tree part.

Act Caring by overdoing it in an annoying way

First be act caring about a small insect like a ant for example.


Person1 : Hey look at that ant!

Person2 : So?

Person1: It’s… it’s cool!

Person2 : We see ants many times…

Person1 : Like this one…

Person2 : It’s the same…

Person1 : …

(If your caught like this change the subject)

Person1 : Comon let’s just go

Person2 : okay

Person2 : *steps on ant*


Person2 : What did I do???


Person1 : NOOO!!!!!

Person1 : *cries*

Person2 : What??? It’s just an Ant!



Person1 : WHY!????

Well you get the point… If your not much of an actor don’t cry…

Hope you liked It 🙂

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OMG!! Look it’s snowing in my blog =O  Is it ever possible to snow in a blog??? I wonder when I will have to shovel the snow to read…

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Hey guys it’s nearly christmas and now were on decemeber 🙂 It’s might/not snowin your place but it’s not i’n my place. So Enjoy your christmas!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanks Giving from me to all of you! Have a nice Holiday and enjoy your Turkey! 🙂


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The Essay

Some how my ideas are gone but it’ll come back soon. You just look up in the sky and write this Some it’ll come back soon. Think that walking around the block will help you so you do it then come back to a Blank piece of paper. Start making outlines and brainstorm new ideas until WALA! Few hours later you finish the Essay feeling happy and proud 🙂

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