I made this up enjoy 🙂
You know that i love fridays! It’s because of the weekend and I get so exited about it when i wake up first thing in the morning singing the friday song Its friday…friday… until my mom calls me to eat breakfast. Jumping down the stairs…gobbling up the food… and rushing to the bus… When i reach at school i’m pratically shouting “It’s friday!!!” and some of my friends join the fun. After school gone home… tired… walking to the door mumbling “It’s friday…” until you get bored of it… play video games…. after that go to bed saying it’s friday(a bit louder now cause i rested) then you wake up at Saturday with a sore throat thats why i ussually get the worst sore throats on Satuday…:(

About Snoop

One thing... I'm NOT SNOOPY LOL And I don't want to show my name so i put my nickname.
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One Response to Friday(fiction)

  1. somebodybutyou says:

    Sometimes i also feel like that lol

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