Cartoon Humor

Hey guys! In this page I’m going to write about an imaginary teenage kid who loves skateboarding in his cartoon world. Please note that all images come from google images thank you!

I love skate boarding it’s like my life! And I always beat my friends in school in doing tricks

But usually they always beat me up


I have been to the real world it kinda looks like this (according to my view)

Until i realized that I slept

Sometime my imagination goes to far…

Created November 24, 2011
Today 2 kids bullied me at school. Now it’s time for revenge ! I soon attach a rope on a tree and covered the trap with some dirt and leaves. Tommorrow it’s show time and i can’t wait.

The next day i walk to school

I soon spot my bullies and step on my skateboard with my skil i started to roll downhill and at the exact moment i squeezed pass my bullies knocking them to the trap and the next thing i knew they were trapped as I head to school…
After school I head back to the trap to realize that they were gone and the rope was cut. It woudn’t be long until they will try to get me.

Created December 3 , 2011


Today they were back! As soon as school finished, I ran.

I’m actually a pretty fast runner so i wasen’t on panic mode until I saw that they had motorized scooters.
They were gaining on me pretty fast so I had to run in zig-zags so they can’t catch me. Then I saw a police ahead and knew this was my chance. I reach the police and told him that I was being chased by bullies. As soon as my bullies came I noticed it was not my bullies! The first one was one the bullies twin brother and a  few of his friends. Then they said “You forgot your backpack!” The police stared at me as soon as I slipped away home.

Well that was embarasing and I will still be always aware of my true bullies.

Created December 12, 2011



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