One Whole Sentence

Hey guys! I was thinking that maybe to make this site more entertaining we can…well tell jokes or tell about some funny things that happened or give me some feedbacks about this site(and i’ll try to make it) on the comments below.

Heres one: Whats 1 + 1 = ? If you said 2 your wrong cause it’s a window!

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The wizard

Everyone walked by him. Feeling lonely and traped, the wizard, disguised as an ant was stuck to a bit of glue that had fallen of someones project. Then a boy came by and saw the ant on the glue. The boy, who was fond of ants easily picked up the wizard from the ground and put him in a small container and took him home. The wizard whose name was really Oz was wondering where the boy was taking him. To school? To a bus? Home? Oz soon figured out when the boy past a school, took a bus, and reached home. Oz thought “Maybe he is going to tease me like all boys do, or maybe even kill me!” At that sort of thought in mind he panicked and was desperate to go out of the container the boy had put him in. The boy’s name is George. He was a clever, chubby boy.
As soon as George let Oz go he ran for his life, to be more specific crawled as fast as he could. “Wait!” said George, “Come back! I’m not going to hurt you!” At that words Oz stopped, turned himself back into himself (a human) which surprised/amazed the boy. “Y-y-your a wizard?” stammered the boy. “Yes indeed i am” said Oz “Is it really true that you really don’t want to hurt me?” “Yes Mr. Wizard” said George. “You can call me Mr.Oz George.”said Oz “How do you know my name?” demanded George. “I’m a wizard, I have wisdom right here” said Oz, patting his head “You are a very good young boy, as I can see. So you shall deserve a reward of one wish” “Why not three wishes like the others?”said George. “Because you are to young to make mistakes, Now please hurry up i only have 10 minutes to stay”said Oz “Well i um…er….uh….ummm…”Thought George “Aha! I want the ability to be very smart.” said George Proudly. “Very well it shall be done tomorrow.” Said Oz “Very well now i go to go you just call me and i will come anywhere you are.
The next day was a math test for George’s school and he is feeling quite confident of it (with his new abilities) The test came soon enough and the maximum time to finish was 1 and a half hour but George was finished in only 20 minutes. Curiously the teacher got the paper and started checking it with surprise. When the results came George got of course got 100 percent. The teacher called his parents for fear of him cheating. The parents and George were very suprised at it. And got Grounded. Then George knew what to do and called Mr Oz who came. “Please take my smart abilities away i don’t want it and please let me go back in time to take the test again” said George “Very well you will be reset and go back in time now!” said Oz.
George got 93 percent on his test and is proud of it and learned a lesson. Oz is proud of his choices and his little heart.

I hope you like this story please comment or like this and thanks for reading! 🙂

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I made this up enjoy 🙂
You know that i love fridays! It’s because of the weekend and I get so exited about it when i wake up first thing in the morning singing the friday song Its friday…friday… until my mom calls me to eat breakfast. Jumping down the stairs…gobbling up the food… and rushing to the bus… When i reach at school i’m pratically shouting “It’s friday!!!” and some of my friends join the fun. After school gone home… tired… walking to the door mumbling “It’s friday…” until you get bored of it… play video games…. after that go to bed saying it’s friday(a bit louder now cause i rested) then you wake up at Saturday with a sore throat thats why i ussually get the worst sore throats on Satuday…:(

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